Excerpt From My Novel

Excerpt from Remember Me [Copyright  2021 Walker Lane]

Tears welled up in Lily’s eyes again. How many times had she cried today? She looked around at the mourners all dressed in their Sunday best, amazed at the throngs of people who came to pay their respects. She turned and gazed at her mom. She looked so pretty this morning. She had refused to wear black, and instead had worn a dress the color of spring bluebonnets — his favorite flower.

The gray sky loomed overhead as the solemn voice of the preacher brought Lily back to attention. At the words of the Psalms, her throat thickened. She hated crying in front of people. Lily leaned forward and looked down at the green turf, bright against her black shoes. Nearby, a caterpillar ambled toward his destination. How odd that the world had not stopped after all.

Men in dark suits surrounded her father waiting for the signal to lower him. Apropos of the fire and ice roses that sat atop the simple pine box, she felt as if she were in hell, shivering. She leaned her head on her mom’s shoulder and the sobs subsided momentarily when a green butterfly flew in front of her and landed on one of the roses in the spray. It hovered there for a moment then fluttered off into the sky as “Amazing Grace” filled the air.

Her mother reached out and took her trembling hand. Her mother — shouldn’t Lily be consoling her? But at that moment, her own despair took charge. Though Lily was all grown up, right now she was just a little girl crying for her daddy. She would be strong for her mother tomorrow.

Lily’s mom squeezed her hand as the men gently lowered her dad to his final resting place. She said a quick prayer for her mother who would face an empty bed in the night and loneliness in the morning. It was time to come home. Her mother would need her.


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