Genesis 26:12-35

Peaceful Isaac

Isaac sowed in the land of Gerar and reaped the same year a hundredfold. The good Lord blessed him mightily, and Isaac became an extremely wealthy man.

The Philistines grew jealous and filled up his ancestral water wells with dirt. Abimelech (the king) told Isaac to leave for he was afraid of Isaac’s power. Isaac did leave, but he didn’t go far, dwelling in the valley of Gerar. Isaac dug up the wells of Abraham, which had been filled by the Philistines after Abraham’s death, and Isaac’s servants dug in the valley, but the herdsmen of Gerar fought Isaac’s servants over the well. There were many arguments over territorial rights, and each time Isaac peacefully moved on, digging another well and another well until finally no one contested him. Then he declared that the Lord had finally made room for them.

Afterwards, he went to Beersheba where Abraham had also once dwelled. The Lord appeared to Isaac and told him to fear not, that he would bless him and multiply his seed for Abraham’s sake. Isaac built an altar to the Lord right there.

Then Abimelech showed up asking for an oath between them, for Abimelech knew that God was with Isaac. They made their oath of peace. Then Esau (who was forty years old at the time) married Judith and Bashemath, who were both daughters of the Hittites. Isaac and Rebekah were not pleased.

Isaac seemed like a peaceful man. He trusted in God’s promises, but though he was mightily blessed, he obviously did not lead an easy life. Someone was always waiting to agitate him, including his own son. Like Isaac, we have many blessings and many problems. We can ask God why, or we can accept it and move on and continue to trust Him. After all, even God’s favorites had their problems. Who are we to question ours?

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