Introducing my new little cookbook!

Hey everybody, I’ve spent the last month compiling easy, yet oh-so-good recipes into a new cookbook. This cookbook is made up of meals I have cooked for my family through the years. Some have been passed down through the family tree. I hope you enjoy it. Ebook, Large print paperback, and Large print hardcover areContinue reading “Introducing my new little cookbook!”

I’m Branching Out!

For those of you who don’t know yet, I’m jumping into the business of t-shirt design. I will be selling much more than just t-shirts though. Check out my stores on Redbubble and Spring. Links are on my website. Yes, I’m still writing. I actually have several novels in progress, and I’m still blogging. ThanksContinue reading “I’m Branching Out!”

Remember the Sabbath or Worship on Sundays?

I came across some interesting information this week regarding the Sabbath which made my head spin. I’ve always known that historically speaking, the Sabbath was practiced on Saturdays. What I never understood was why church is held on Sundays. The fourth commandment tells us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Do we? ThereContinue reading “Remember the Sabbath or Worship on Sundays?”

Revelation 3:14-22 Laodicea

Revelation 3:14-22 Laodicea is the seventh church that Jesus asks John to write to in the book of Revelation. Though these seven churches were actual churches in John’s time, I can’t help but think they also represent many churches of today. Regarding the church of Laodicea, Jesus says that they are lukewarm. They are notContinue reading “Revelation 3:14-22 Laodicea”

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by believers and unbelievers alike. Here we are trucking along, doing our best to do the right thing, trying to live by God’s word, when BOOM! Life happens.  Life is hard (extremely hard), and though if we’re honest, here in the United States we are prettyContinue reading “Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?”

It Is Not Well with My Soul

I need thee every hour, most gracious Lord, because sometimes it truly is not well with my soul. Do you ever have those moments in your life, you know, those truly devastating moments when you’ve experienced a great loss and you can’t breathe? I’m a Christian woman of strong faith, but I’ve had those momentsContinue reading “It Is Not Well with My Soul”

God Uses Bad for Good

Genesis 27 through 28:9 Rebekah (wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau) forms a plan for Jacob to trick his father into giving him the blessing saved for his eldest son (Esau). Jacob goes along with it and steals his brother’s blessings: heaven’s dew, the earth’s richness, an abundance of grain and newContinue reading “God Uses Bad for Good”