The Importance of Family

The holidays are upon us! I just spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family (not all of them, but many of them), and I’m thankful for them, especially now, as my family members seem to be dwindling away.

That’s what happens as we get older. We lose our grandparents, then our parents. Our children grow up and their time is divided. Our siblings are married and have to divide their time as well. Our cousins have children, then those children grow up and get married and it all recycles again. It’s never the same as it once was. It never will be. 

Such is life, right? Enjoy spending time with those who share your blood, who share your memories. They are the ones who will be there for you when it matters. Don’t neglect those relationships. As I once heard someone say, “Home is where you go when you have no place to go, and where they have to take you in.”  Try to appreciate that, as imperfect as we all are.  

Happy Thanksgiving.

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