The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

Most people might agree that 2020 has been a pretty bad year. On a personal level, my family was doing okay until about halfway through, but unfortunately, when the hits came, they just progressively got worse. We can’t wait till 2020 ends, but what on earth will the new year bring? Will Covid magically go away? Will we ever be able to trust elections again? Will we be forced to live off the government, or follow medical advice from people who don’t have a clue who we are or what we have been through? Will Americans ever come together? 

Should we come together? As Christians, the answer is no. Christians are not to mingle with the evil in this world. We are to be separate from the ungodliness that the world offers. Should we sit with tax collectors/sinners? Yes, Jesus did, but He also pointed out that there is a time to shake the dust off our feet. 

This year has been a tough one. A year ago we were debt free with money in the bank, now, well…we are in the same boat as a large percentage of you. What happened? Life happened. We are not to be without trouble in this world. We long for a time of peace and smooth sailing. We look at others and think, why is it nothing bad ever happens to them? But how wrong we are! People love to say that God will never give us anything we can’t handle.  I’m here to tell you that yes He will! He does, and He has! There are days I just look up at Heaven and ask, what did I do? Honestly, I’m sure I have done plenty in my life (especially in my younger years) in which I deserved punishment, but now? Well, God has to remind me, it’s not about what you have done. It’s just life in this ungodly world. The free will of man was a gift from God, but has turned out to be not such a great gift after all. If I could find my receipt I’d be happy to return it. 

Why is life test after test after test? Well, there have been times I was so at my limit and so tired that all I could do was reach for my bible. Not my daily devotional, not my verse of the day, but my actual physical bible. I just held it close and prayed, then opened it up and read. Maybe that’s just what God wanted from me all along. The strength it provided was enough to get me through the day, which is really all anyone can ask for, right? 

For many people, the chaos and drama of the election was the proverbial straw (or 2 ton truck) that broke the camel’s back in 2020. I know the media has been acting as if this election is over, but if you search out the real news, we have been told that it’s far from over. So, 2020 continues with the crap fest until the end while we wait in limbo to determine just what 2021 will hold. While I normally try to avoid politics in my Christian blog, it is my duty as a Christian to point out that we must support the party/candidate that will closest uphold biblical values. I am obviously a conservative, and though our president has not lived a sterling Christian life, he is our David, and he is fighting off Goliath. 

Christians know that at some point in our future, God will let the earth fall and the tribulation will begin. That’s why, though we have faith that God will listen to our prayers, we also know that at some point He will say no. That it’s time. We don’t know when that time will be, but we are assured it’s coming. So, the hits might just keeping on coming throughout 2021, or we might get a reprieve and have a few more good years. Only God knows the answer to that, but I do know, that no matter what happens to our world, to our country, to my personal life, God has my back, and He’s watching my six. So, hang on fellow believers. No matter how sticky life may get, no matter how exhausted you are, when you have come to the end of yourself, turn to Him.  Reach for your bible, hold it close, talk to God, then read. 

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