My Bible Blog: Genesis 21:1-8

God finally fulfilled a long-awaited promise to Sarah. The promise of a child. In their old age, she conceived and bore Abraham a son, in God’s own appointed time. This son was Isaac, whose name means laughter. Abraham circumcised him at eight days old, as God had commanded. 

Sometimes it’s hard to wait on God’s timing. Sarah was too old to have babies, yet God provided. She even lost her faith and pushed her husband on her maid so that he could have a son, yet God still provided. When God makes a promise, He keeps it. Patience may be a virtue, but even God’s children are lacking. In a world of immediate gratification, patience is not something we have mastered. But God is still in control, and He never defaults.

We are all waiting for something in our lives. Some of us sit around and impatiently grumble. Some of us work toward our goals (also impatiently), but God will provide in His timing, not ours. Right now He’s laying out all the pieces of our story to fit together perfectly. If we think about it, God’s plans are always better than our own. What’s that saying? Man makes plans and God laughs.

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