Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

Well, it’s time for me to put my money (or lack thereof) where my mouth is. I talk about faith all the time. I say, “Don’t worry, just pray.” I say this because it works, and I have had to put it to the test more times than I can count. The past two decades of my life have put me through some pretty serious struggles: the unexpected death of my father, two miscarriages, a sick child, almost losing my step-daughter to attempted suicide, almost losing my husband to a three-week stay in ICU fighting off sepsis, losing my mother-in-law without warning, losing my mother to a slow horrible death. I’ve also been divorced (not a fun procedure), and remarried. Now, after fourteen years of marriage, God sure has blessed me with a wonderful life. Hopefully, I’ve forgotten any other struggles I’ve faced.

I truly have a happy life, in spite of all of these bad things that have happened in it. God has always helped me through everything. People have been out of work for the past few months and have seriously been struggling with depression, staying at home all the time, worrying about loved ones, etc.  We have been very lucky. My husband has been working all this time, and though I’m at home, since I’m trying to make my way as a writer, that’s not a big deal for me. So, life hasn’t had to change much for us during these “unprecedented times.” I really hate that phrase. These times are not unprecedented. Our country has seen them before. Anyway, I digress. 

On Friday, my husband lost his job – the same job he has gone to and poured his heart into for the last nineteen years. That job was our source of health insurance, our only income, his livelihood. Yet, for some reason, we are both at total peace. I believe that this is the peace that surpasses all understanding, the peace that Jesus gives and not the world, the same peace that the bible constantly promises. It’s here – Proof once again that God is real and with us. He’s never left me in the dust before, and I know He won’t now, and I’m looking forward to whatever exciting adventure He has in store for us. How do you get that same peace? It’s simple. Don’t worry, just pray.

For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee. Isaiah 54:10

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