Revelation 1:1-7

Revelation 1:1-7

The book of Revelation consists of the prophesy God gave to Jesus.  Jesus sent this prophesy to his disciple John through an angel in a vision. This vision is the Revelation of Jesus Christ, and it is written for His followers to reveal to them things which must soon come to pass.  “Soon” also meaning once they start, they will come rapidly.

John bore the record of the word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ and of all the things he saw. He was told to write about this vision to the seven churches.  The number seven is seen numerous times throughout the bible.  It reflects completion.  (God completed creation in seven days).

Whoever reads and hears the words of this prophesy and keeps the things which are written here will be blessed.  The time is at hand.  So, if you read Revelation and heed its words you will be blessed – a promise from God. If you have no other reason to read it, well, that makes it worth the reading in itself, don’t you think?  Admittedly, it is probably the most confusing book of the bible, but it is necessary to read.  Otherwise, God would not have ended the bible with it. He would not have promised to bless those who read it, would He?  I don’t know about you, but I appreciate blessings from God, and I will gladly accept all He wants to give me.  If He wants me to read Revelation, I will read it.  In fact, I already have many times.  It’s fascinating.  It’s scary. It wakes me up every time I dive into it.  

John wrote to the seven churches in Asia, sending grace and peace to them from God and from the seven Spirits (possibly meaning the completeness of the Holy Spirit) which are before His throne, and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of kings of the earth, the One who loved us and washed away our sins with His own blood.

Behold, He comes with the clouds.  Every eye shall see Him.  No one will disbelieve any longer.  No one will wonder anymore.  The waiting will be over.  Jesus will come and everyone will have proof that He is God.  The only problem is, by then, it will be too late for the unbeliever.  

I once pointed out to an atheist that if God is not real, if I am wrong to believe in Him and to believe that Jesus is my Savior, then what happens to me when I die?  Nothing.  I will be fine.  If however you, the one who does not believe, therefore is not saved, are wrong, what happens to you when you die?  Eternal torture and pain and an eternity of regret knowing that you denied the Man who loved you enough to suffer through His own torture so you wouldn’t have to. 

I know in my heart God is real.  I’ve seen Him at work in my life — throughout my life.  If you dismiss God and close your heart to Him, you will not feel Him — that’s why you don’t know He’s real, but the bible promises if you seek Him with your whole heart, He will show Himself to you and you will believe. What do you have to lose?  Your sin?  Is that it?  You don’t want to give up your sin?  Better think twice before it’s too late.  If you feel you aren’t worthy, well, join the club.  No one on earth is worthy!  Why else would we need the Savior?  We all mess up, but we are forgiven, and as many will testify, it sure feels good to be forgiven.  To know that every bad deed we’ve ever done is wiped away, to know that we can start over, to know that with God’s help we can become better people, to remove guilt and regret from our hearts and to fill it with peace – it’s a feeling like no other.  It’s true freedom.  So, please join me in my quest to understanding God’s most controversial book of the bible.  

Blessings to you all during these crazy times.  I pray that God keeps evil from your door-step.

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