My Bible Blog Genesis Chp. 10-11:9

The Generations of the Sons of Noah and The Tower of Babel:

The sons of Japheth and their sons settled on the shores of the Black and Caspian Seas.  Some Biblical scholars believe this is modern-day Turkey. 

The sons of Ham and their sons established Babel, Nineveh, Canaan, Sodom and Gomorrah, and others.  These places did not have the best of reputations, so it seems the curse of Ham did continue on.  They settled along the Mediterranean coast.

The sons of Shem and their sons eventually went on down the line to Abram, who later becomes Abraham. This is the line from which Jesus came. They settled north of the Persian Gulf.

Originally, the whole earth spoke the same language.  The descendants of Noah traveled east and eventually settled in the land of Shinar (ancient Babylonia).  They made bricks and mortar and built themselves a city and a tower whose height would reach the heavens.  They wanted to make a name for themselves and attract settlers like moths to a flame. This was in direct opposition to what God had told them to do:  be fruitful and multiply and go and fill the earth.

The Lord came down to see the city and the tower that they had built.  He was not pleased with their progressive nature, basically saying that if they could do this together, there’s no telling what they could do.  But of course, He’s God, and He knew exactly what they could do.  The people called their tower “Gate of God”.  We refer to it as the Tower of Babel.  The term “babel” comes from a Hebrew word meaning “to confuse”.  

God confused their language so that they couldn’t work together anymore.  After all, they were working together to defy Him.  In order to proceed with His original plan, He scattered them all about the earth, in effect creating all the different cultures of the world.  This was His plan.  He will have His victory.

How does this relate to modern times?  When you get too many smart people in a room, innovative ideas evolve.  Unfortunately, they are not always created for the good of God’s people.  Smart phones have many benefits, but they are incredibly intrusive and the radiation they put off is inherently bad for our health. What about government overreach, the invasion of our privacy, the vaccines we shoot into our children?  Could these be our modern day towers of Babel? 

God knocked down their tower.  I expect He will take care of ours too.  

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2 thoughts on “My Bible Blog Genesis Chp. 10-11:9

  1. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, your messages can tell a thousand stories, you have such a god given talent to write, and use this for an expression outlet .Their is no doubt you have been blessed and for just a little while you can escape and write what you feel and maybe just maybe you can save a few lost souls in the process AMEN Sister !!!


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