My Bible Blog: Genesis 6:5-22

In Genesis 6:5-22, God revealed to Noah that He would destroy the earth because it was filled with violence.  He saw that the wickedness of man was great and that his heart was continually evil; however, God saw goodness in Noah and spared him, his family, and the animals two by two.  

God told Noah to build the ark (we all know the story) in order to survive.  Noah did as he was told.  It took him a long time to build the ark, but it also took a long time for God to act on His plan of destruction.  Meanwhile, poor Noah must have looked the fool.  After all, he probably spent all his time and hard-earned money building that ark, trying to get people to change their ways, and God was taking His own sweet time.  

Poor Noah.  People probably thought he was a nut for believing that God would actually destroy the world.  I wonder if people said back then, God is a loving god.  God does not punish people.  He saves everyone.  Isn’t that what they say now?  Well, I guess they are partially correct.  God is loving, and He does save everyone who turns to Him to be saved, but that isn’t everyone, is it?  God did destroy man and earth.  The overwhelming evil of man caused Him to do it.  As in the days of Noah, it shall be again.  History often repeats itself, and it will again.  

Though God did promise He would never again flood the earth (remember the original meaning of the rainbow?), He also promises that He will one day destroy the wickedness of mankind again. Make no mistake, God will not be put off forever.  I’ve heard preachers say that God did not cause the Coronavirus.  I’ve also heard some say that He did.  He is more than capable of bringing down plagues (remember Exodus?).  God will do what He does.  How do we know whether He did or didn’t?  Well, my guess is that the devil is the one causing most of the trouble down here; God just uses that trouble for good (and we have seen that too-in abundance).  

So, here we are as in the days of Noah, where men continually seek out wickedness, where God is continually rejected by so many. Like Noah, some people think we (Christians) are just nuts, so we may long for the day when we can say “I told ya so,” all the while also dreading the day when our faith is proven right – because sadly, not all of our loved ones will be saved with us.  The good news is, there is still time for the lost to be saved, but don’t hesitate to help them find Christ, for we do not know how much time, do we?

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