My Bible Blog: Genesis 4:9-15

Genesis 4:9-15

Cain has just killed his brother Abel, apparently, over petty jealousy.  In verse 9 God questions Cain, and Cain lies to God.  Can you imagine lying to God?  God asks you a question; you know God knows EVERYTHING, but you still lie to Him? What kinda sense does that make? Reminds me of my teenage years…but I digress.  Anyway, God asks Cain where his brother is, even though He already knows the answer. “The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto Me from the ground.” BUSTED!  So God curses Cain so that he can no longer yield fruit from the ground, and tells him he will be a vagrant and wanderer on the earth.            

  Did Cain feel bad?  Did he say he was sorry?  Not really.  He actually told God his punishment was too harsh.  Really?  He told God he was worried someone might try to kill him.  Ahhhhh,  poor Cain. It’s hard to feel sorry for him. He murders his own brother, doesn’t seem to feel bad about it, but whines to God that his punishment is too harsh and he’s scared someone might kill him – but our God is good, so what does He do?  He promises that anyone who kills Cain, vengeance will be taken on him sevenfold, and then He set a mark upon Cain so that no one would kill him.  Does this mean that God still loved Cain?  After all, He did provide him protection.  

It seems to me that God loves His children whether or not they love Him back.  I do not believe however, that God will force us into Heaven.  I do not believe He will open the pearly gates to everyone, even though He loves us all.  I believe He will condemn Satan to hell, but gives everyone else a choice.  However, we still need to make that choice on our own. I’ve heard people say that a loving god would never condemn His children to hell.  He’s not the One condemning  souls to hell.  Unfortunately, people do that all on their own.  So, have you made your choice yet?  Do you know someone who hasn’t?  Send them the seed of knowledge and let God water it.  Who knows…it might just save their soul.

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