Hope For the New Year

Well folks, we are a few days into 2022, and we all hope for a better year, but what are we doing to make this year better than the last? If we are waiting on others to improve our lives, we will keep on waiting just like we did all through 2021. So, what can we do in our own lives to make this year better?

Life doesn’t change just because the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. It’s really up to us to bring about the changes we desire—to bring back normalcy, to get back to our families, our friends, and our lives. Even though each of us has our own unique circumstances, as God’s children we can move away from fear and embrace hope and faith—just as God calls us to do.

I enjoyed spending the holidays with my extended family. I only wish I could have seen more of them. It’s sad that some families haven’t seen each other for nearly two years. How long will we let this separation continue? Put your faith in God, take precaution, and enjoy the ones you love.

We don’t know how much time we have on this earth, but we do know that it’s God who decides the moment of our birth and the moment of our death. What God has planned, no one can prevent. So, spend this year reconnecting with your loved ones, and let’s put our faith in God and get back to living in 2022.

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Christian blogger and author

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