Happy New Year!

It’s a good time to look back at our new year’s resolutions and take stock in our lives. So, what’s your resolution? Are you any good at keeping them? I have found that the more specific the goal, the more accountable I am to it. For example, one year, instead of resolving to lose weight, my resolution was to eat fruit twice a day. Two years ago, my resolution was to write at least once a week, whether it was for an hour or all day. Hence, Writing Wednesday was incorporated into my schedule. Those were two resolutions that I kept for those years. Do I still eat fruit twice a day? Probably not, but I do eat it almost everyday which is far better than my old habit of NOT EVER. I even like it now. Do I still write on Wednesdays? Yes, but also on other days.

My resolution for 2021 was to publish my book. Now, I have been working on this book for years, and I have “finished” it about eight times, so it was a reasonable goal. However, once the summer ended, and I looked back at my resolutions (I write them at the beginning of my day planner), I had to move into high gear. So, December 30th was the big day.

If you decide to read it, I hope you like it, and I hope that you choose simple resolutions that will improve your mind, your health, and your life. Happy new year, my friends. Remember that God is in control, and go into 2022 with an attitude of faith, not fear, and spend time with those you love. They won’t be around forever. One more thing, don’t forget to eat your black-eyed peas today!

*Book Link: https://books2read.com/Remember-Me

*Also available on Amazon

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3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi! This is Samantha (Baker) Carman. I just wanted to let you know that I’m deeply enjoying your blog and I started your book today. Your voice is just so sincere. I can’t wait to read more! It seems as if our weather is going to be perfect for cuddling up with a good book in the next few days, so I’m in luck!

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