Genesis Chp. 23 (Debt is no good)

Sarah lived to be 127 years old then died in the land of Canaan. Abraham mourned and wept for her. He was a stranger in the land and needed a burial site for his wife, so he asked the sons of Heth for help. They wanted to give him one of their sepulchers, but he wanted Ephron the Hittite to sell him the cave of Machpelah which resided at the end of Ephron’s field. 

Abraham spoke to Ephron in front of the people of the land. Ephron wanted to give the cave to Abraham, but he rejected the gift and insisted on paying for it for its worth. Abraham paid 400 shekels of silver to Ephron for the cave and its surrounding land, and he confirmed the boundary lines with the people as his witness.

This was to be the location where he would bury his beloved. He wanted it secure. He didn’t want any issues popping up later. He paid a fair price for the field and the cave, and he did it in front of many witnesses. He could have accepted it as a free gift, but he didn’t. Abraham was no dummy. He did not want to owe a debt.

In our own “old days” there was a time when people were too prideful to owe anyone a debt. Now, we are all in debt up to our ears. We think nothing of getting a loan for our homes, our cars, our vacations. We have no pride when it comes to borrowing. It’s true that we live in different times. Everything costs too much now to be able to save for it before we purchase, but doesn’t it feel good when our debts are finally paid off? I hate paying interest. When I add it all up, I cringe. Therefore, I always try to get things paid off as soon as I am able, and what a relief it is when that debt is paid. 

It is better to owe no man, but when we do, God expects us to pay our debts. He also expects us to live within our means and help others. I’m not talking about putting extra money in the plate at church, and I’m not talking about higher taxes. Find an area where you feel good helping out. Send money to Wounded Warriors or Shriner’s Hospital for Kids or St. Jude’s, or just tip your waiter/waitress a little extra. It is expected when God blesses us — not to reward the lazy, but to help those who cannot always help themselves. God bless y’all, and pay it forward — oh, and don’t forget to hold onto your receipt :).

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